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Success & Fulfillment

As a hyper-achiever, I never thought I'd say this

but success is not solely about how much you accomplish; 

it's about how much you expand in the process. 

Three years ago, I would have dismissed this idea as complete BS. 

After all, everyone seems to focus on what you've achieved rather than how much you've grown. 

But who does that mindset really matter to? 

Two weeks ago, my dance team and I competed at Artist Emerge.

We earned the 🥈 place medal. 

In the past, I might have felt disappointed about this result. 

However, this time, I felt happy and excited! 

What a milestone! 

I've only been dancing for 18 months, I'm proud!

And it provided an opportunity for me to reflect on my personal growth and recognize the progress I've made.

When your success is only tied to your achievements, you're trapped. 

Your worth becomes attached to your results, leading to momentary happiness but never true fulfillment. 

And what if you fail? 

Does that mean you're not good enough or unworthy? 

Failure is meant to foster learning and growth. 

Most "failures" are actually stepping stones!

If you find yourself in this situation, know that there are healthier ways to live and work. 

You can be successful without sabotaging yourself.


As a Mindset Coach, I empower my clients to embrace failures/setbacks to achieve remarkable results, because once you've cultivated the right mindset, nothing can stand in your way but yourself!


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