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International Coaching Week!

Last week, there were a few different events happening for the internal coaching week and I really enjoyed the Keynote of Carey Baker, CEO of CTI, it was very inspiring and powerful!

Among other very important things, she said "People who seek coaching/ hire coaches are change agents. They want to change the system they are part of, they want to shift paradigms, transform their relationships, they want to challenge the status quo and discover new territories within themselves and in their world."

It made me think of how much we like what's known and comfortable and how taking risks is seen as a very bad thing in our modern world. It's not recommended nor encouraged.

Yet, most innovations and creative ideas are born because someone was showing fierce courage and stepping out of their comfort zone.

The catalyst is to DARE, the courage to take action, to disrupt and to take risks!

Most people won't even try something or get started on an idea or a project because of their fears or limiting beliefs. Yet, leaders and individuals that are coming ahead nowadays are the ones that have awareness about where they are, where they are being complacent and are ready to show up with intention to disrupt what's familiar to step into what's required.

So I invite you to ask yourself the question Carey invited us to think about during the keynote:

How will I disrupt myself to unlock the potential and find the courage it takes to create meaningful transformation in myself and in my world?


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