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Guest speaker at UBC!

Yesterday, I had the privilege to discuss some important topics with the business students at UBC Sauder School of Business.

It reminded me of when I was sitting in these amphitheaters studying for my MBA in Business & Entrepreneurship.

I remember being super excited about guest lectures. Getting to know the perspective of someone already in the field and being able to ask my questions.

We talked about sales, mental fitness, coaching, the importance of building a brand and networking to set yourself apart among other things.

It was an awesome experience to be able to give back in a very meaningful way, share knowledge and bring a different perspective on what success can look like.

I couldn't be more grateful for this opportunity to share the lessons and tips from my “untraditional” personal & professional journey from emigrating to a different country, going from sales to career & fulfillment coaching and being a full time entrepreneur.

Thank you very much for having me Jacqueline Wong, MSc, MBA!


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