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Are you becoming the type of person you want to become?

Sometimes we focus on the outcomes instead of the beliefs behind them.

Becoming that person who works out, who eats healthy, who gets promoted, who helps people, etc, requires you to change your beliefs, upgrade and expand your identity.

Identity is who you are being. In co-active coaching, we don’t only focus on the actions but also on who you need to be in order to achieve these goals.

If your habits aren’t driven by your identity, your values and principles rather than the results you’re trying to achieve, it will be tough for you to stick with the process that can help you accomplish them!

To be effective, you need to go to the root level to better understand who you need to be and what belief(s) you need to change about yourself in order to get there. And sometimes that's the hardest part!

You have a choice every single day, so the question isn’t what do you want to have but who do you want to become?


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