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The success of any business is built on the performance of its people! They are your biggest asset. As they flourish, so do you!


Businesses and institutions are demanding more tailored services that fit their unique situations. Not all teams and organizations are the same, they have their own unique set of values, their unique workforce, missions and challenges.

For me, it's not a one size fits all but a one size fits one! 

Working with me means we co-create the solution(s) based on your organization's need!

Having lived on three continents, navigated through immigration challenges and a decade in Sales, I support Organizations to challenge and equip their leaders to build engaging and collaborative environments that fuel growth & talent retention.

There are a few ways I can help you:

  • Workshops

  • Speaking

  • SKOs/QBRs

  • Team building events

  • Retreats


Working together

Typically, engagements go from 90 minutes to a half or full day for this to be as impactful as you'd like it to be. Investing in your employees' professional and personal development has many benefits. Deepening relationships among co-workers has proven to be a successful way to decrease turnover and increase engagement, motivation, communication, and collaboration.

The more people learn about each other's personality, how they like to work and what their vision and motivators are, the easier it gets to create a culture of trust & equality, drive innovation, give feedback and increase performance. 

Together, we can either build and/or deliver a workshop, team building event or retreat or you can hire me to speak on a specific topic. 

Some examples:

  • Help your front line leaders add coaching to their tool belt for career development, to improve productivity and engagement and/or for personal growth (workshop + 1:1)

  • Help your top performers overcome their limiting beliefs so they can reach their full potential (1:1)

  • Having difficult conversations & give feedback (workshop)

  • Helping your team(s) build resilience (workshop)

  • Prevent burnout (1:1 with individuals or team workshop or both)

  • How to build a growth mindset (speaking + 1:1 is ideal)

  • Bring more humanity to the workplace (speaking or workshop)

  • Create a coaching culture to improve performance and engagement (speaking or workshop + 1:1)

A huge thank you to Hélène Ferreira, MBA, CPCC for bringing her #techsales and #coaching insights to our Master of Management students today at the UBC Sauder School of Business!

From selling the world's No. 1 CRM platform to building a coaching business, Hélène highlighted the importance of positive thinking and mental wellness for finding success in a career rooted in #sales and #bizdev !

Jacqueline Wong

Manager at Deloitte & Professor at UBC Sauder School of Business

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