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Sounding Board Session(s)

Have you ever thought "I wish I could ask someone who's already done it?" or "I need somebody to help me with this?" Well, this is why I've created these sessions. Like you, I was hoping someone could help answer some of my questions when I started. 

It can be scary to start something new, it can be even scarier to do it alone. 

And depending on your background, you might already have some answers, but you may be looking to have a one-off session to figure out a plan to confidently make the necessary changes. Or, to take the next steps to make your vision reality. This option gives you freedom to book whenever you need it.

It gives you flexibility. Whether you need coaching on a specific topic or consulting around how to do something.


Working together

You've always wanted to create your own business but don't know where to start?


You want to better manage your time and create more space for your personal projects?


You want to build an unstoppable mindset to go after something you really want?


But you're founding yourself:

  • Feeling stuck 

  • Lacking clarity 

  • Spiralling and/or anxious about the outcomes of something you'd like to do

  • Exhausted, burned out

  • Needing support to create a plan

  • In need of an accountability partner to help you make the necessary changes 

Then, let's work together and get you unstuck!

Before booking this session, you need to have clarity on what you need help with and how you want to be helped.


  • What's an outcome you want for this session?​

  • Are you looking for mentoring (get advice and recommendations) or coaching (help to achieve your goals through self-discovery, planning, skill development, and accountability)?


We will meet for 90 minutes. I'll ask you to complete a questionnaire prior to our meeting to make sure we have a productive session.

And don't forget you're capable of anything you're putting your mind to!

If you don't believe it, I'll remind you!

  • Available Online

    Stop spiralling and gain clarity NOW!

    1 hr 30 min

    Details > intro call
"My experience in coaching has been transformative. I went from feeling unmotivated, directionless, bored, and overwhelmed to feeling energized, balanced, calm, and in control. I understand my own motivations and have concrete experience to know that I have what it takes to achieve my goals."


Director, Social Services

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