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Something awesome is coming SOON!

Hi! I'm Hélène

I graduated from an MBA in Business in 2015 and I have been working in sales for 7 years, 4.5 years of which have been in tech sales. Outside of work, I set aside time for volunteering and mentoring. In my free time, I enjoy travelling the world, discovering new cultures and learning new languages.

In the pursuit of giving back and helping others, I wanted to start something meaningful to contribute even more so I decided to start my coaching business! In 2021, I started my coaching journey, hired a coach, and trained myself in Positive Psychology & Co-Active coaching. Going through coaching changed my perspective, I was able to be in the moment and it helped me get clarity on what really matters to me. Powerful shifts happened during this journey, I was able to trust myself again and show up with gratitude everyday to build the life I always wanted!

I am trained as a Co-Active Coach, I started coaching clients in 2021 and I officially launched my business in February 2022. I leverage a combination of Co-Active training and Positive Intelligence to help my clients build confidence, resilience, and unlock their full potential. I am about to start my certification to become CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach).

My goal is to be a strategic partner for my clients who want to focus on:

  • Their career

    •  Being promoted

    •  Career transition | Navigating change, conflicts

    •  Set & Achieve specific goals

    •  Grow their brand/business

    •  Increase their performance

  • Their relationships & well-being

    •  Better understanding of their values, strengths, etc

    •  Be more self-aware

    •  Create healthy habits

    •  Work on time management

    •  Positive intelligence

    •  Mindset shifts & empowerment

My program is designed to help my clients get out of their own way so they can experience more fulfillment, have the tools to do meaningful work and build the life that they really want! 

Finally, I’ve immersed myself in different cultures, lived in different continents so I really enjoy working with people from all walks of life.

Fill out the form below to schedule an intro call together. Looking forward to getting to know you!

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Let's Work together!

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